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18th December 1999, 11:06
Does anyone know of any utilities to get better refresh rates in Dos for Matrox G400. Running Zsnes is ok but the 60Hz plays havoc on the eyes, what about VESA 3 support?

While I'm congtulations Matrox on finally getting OpenGL sorted for the majotiy. This card now complete kicks ass. Check the anadtech Ati Rage Fury MAXX review to see how well the G400 Max stays with it and Geforce.

50.9 fps Quake 3 demoTEST high quality, low geometric, no dynamic lights, no marks on walls.

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18th December 1999, 15:47

This is a free utility to support VBE3 on G200, G400, etc. Somehow the refresh rates on my monitor are even more messed up with it. But you'll get all the extra modes that Matrox forgot to include.
Also try to set up refresh rates in the "Monitor settings" tab in "Display properties" (Select "Adjust a different mode", and go through them 1 by 1, saving the results in customization file afterwards).

Hope this helps!

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18th December 1999, 16:26
Thanks for that, VESA3 support is in the bag, but the main issue is with refresh rates, is just the fact that dos only supports up to 60Hz refresh, or is there another problem, I've set all the major resoulutions used by games (640/16 640/32 800/16 etc.) using the matrox monitor panel, however using 640 x 480 @ 16bit colour VESA 2 on Zsnes (super nintendo emulator)goes straight into 60Hz, in fact any resoulution VESA or not uses a default 60Hz, anyone have any suggestions.