View Full Version : Can not play Q3 with G200

15th December 1999, 09:41
Hi all,
I can not play Q3 with my Matrox G200.
I've tried the lastest driver, the GlSetup, the lastest certified driver.... and I'm tired now, but my G200 still doesn't like Q3!
How could I can play Q3 but can not play Q3? Is there any tricky things?


15th December 1999, 16:32
So, my P2 & G200 also not support Q3. When I used standard openGL, it don't work. And finaly if I used d3d wrapper, screen remain black but I can hear a menu sound when snipping with arrows.
Then you're not alone. We hope that Matrox will relase a newest driver to fix it.


15th December 1999, 18:09
have you checked the FAQ's on matrox web site on how to get OpenGL games to work? I just don't feel like repeating myself when most info is already available...

15th December 1999, 21:00
Ihave been playing quake 2 and quake 3 since 4.51 release of powerdesk,using BH6 celeron450 g200 millenium.

make sure you have uninstalled your old drivers(no wrappers or crappy opengl files lying around,eg quake 3 directory)

then install latest drivers.

As "Zwisch" said so pointedly, do a search, this stuff has been rehashed a dozen times or more!!!.

16th December 1999, 12:40
I also have problem with Quake3.. but only the FINAL version.. i've played all the demos of Q3... and every other Open GL game on my Mystique G200, everything works. Got Quake3 final yesterday, NO-GO!... freezes at startup.

and believe me, the FAQ @ matrox does NOT help this....

any ideas?

16th December 1999, 14:03
Edguy, what drivers are you using?


17th December 1999, 15:01
sorry.. forgot to mention...

i've tried PD 5.30 and 5.41... both the same... haven't tried any older tho...

mobo's a abit BH6, latest bios for both mobo and the G200...... and no problem what so ever... except for Q3 final...