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28th September 1999, 07:27
Anyone know where I might find good novice information about using 3dStudioMax 2.5? Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated.

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28th September 1999, 10:36
Let me know if you find out....

I did have a little play but didn't get beyond a basic "planet" scene.

29th September 1999, 08:05
I did a quick C4.com search and found the home links page of the 3D Studio MAX Webring.

Maybe some of these pages could help....


Also the 3D Cafe has 3DSMAX tutorial pages and resources. It's homepage is;


The 3D Cafe is hard to get on during the day so you might want to try later on.

Hope these help.

Dr. Mordrid

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29th September 1999, 20:20
Thanks, doods. AFter some searching, I found another good one:

If there is anyone here with some 3DSMax experience, please raise your hand!

2nd October 1999, 11:52
Yeah, I use max. here's a tip. Read the tutorial manual. It is quite useful. Then do the tutorials in the online help. You could also try asking at support.ktx.com.