View Full Version : ARG Whats with TurboGL?

Michael Self
15th December 1999, 17:26
I tried using TurboGL a while back and it wouldnt work, still wont work with the new drivers(desktop and TurboGL) Heres the specifics:

I have an AMD Athlon 550
Asus K7M mobo
64 megs of RAM
Matrox Millenium G400 32meg

When I first tried it wouldn't work but i figured what the hell I'll just go back in normal GL mode. But now I see how everyone is saying how great it is and im jealous http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif
Anyways I only have 2 games that support TurboGL, Q3A Demo, and HL. When I try Q3A with TurboGL in it immediatly goes all funky, white screen with black lines. In HL i can navigate the menus but when I try and load or start a new game it sits there on the loading screen for a real real long time, ive waited 10 mins.

Heres what I've tried:
Forcing it into 2x mode, 1x mode
Turning AGP side band addresing on and off
Playing with the Texture size(32megs
to 256)
Going into Q3 without Turbo on and reseting all graphics to default

Everything works peachy if I rename Opengl32.dll

Any ideas???