View Full Version : EMBM Games...???

13th December 1999, 09:21
Anyone knows what are the games that takes advantages of EMBM that are already out on the market except Expendable, Slave Zero, Drakan, Dungeon Keeper 2???

13th December 1999, 10:41
there are a few patches. The ones I know of are for speed busters and descent 3

13th December 1999, 11:42
You can go to www.g400.com (http://www.g400.com) , and look in the 3Dgaming section to see a list of enhanced games...

14th December 1999, 03:00
Yap, there are a list of games but which if them are out on the market now?? is speed buster out already??? Love EMBM!!!

14th December 1999, 16:24
Speedbusters is out for a long time now (well in europe it is) tried the patch but didn't work, maybe because I have the not so legal version hehe

Spirit of speed also claims to support EMBM, but haven't encounterd any yet, not in the demo nor in the full game.