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1st October 1999, 10:12
I am using MSP and find that i am suddenly getting artifacts when transitions are inserted between two tracks. I am editing a wedding video and have editied all the files to make 2gig ones. I now find that when i fade (using crossfade transition) the images become at the transition point very blocky.
I think Doc Mordrid solved this problem along time ago but i cannot find it with a search.

System. Original RRS +Mill2 using MSP 5.2 Full. AMd 400 ASUS P5 mobo. Promise Raid 20gig.


1st October 1999, 13:02
Sounds like a field-order problem.
Check that both clips are using the same, and that you're rendering with the same as well.
(FYI...the RR uses field-order B)

jeff b
1st October 1999, 14:38
This happens to me all the time with transitions, titles, and overlays. The Properties dialog box (within the File menu) needs to be updated. Make sure that the properties for the project haven't mysteriously shrunk to a lower resolution than the one your captured clips are. I always capture at 704 x 480, but even after importing clips in a new project, the properties for my project sometimes don't match until I go into that properties dialog box and manually update them to match. Otherwise, the problem you describe will happen.

1st October 1999, 20:10
Hi, I agree that sometimes if clips are at different sizes it seems to affect the video at the transitions. Check the size of any graphics you add aswell. I found if I added keyframes at transitions when creating the avi it cleared up a few problems.

1st October 1999, 20:22
I think the data rate of which the transition is being rendered at is low or lower than the original clip.

Open Ulead Veditor click on View -> preview options -> Advanced and chek the data rate specified.
If it's low increase it to about 3500kb

Now click on the Compression tab and click on "configure", change the Optimize slider to "Quality" which is known to take care of situations like this http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif