View Full Version : Upgrade from G200 Marvel

1st October 1999, 01:20
Help! I'm happy editing on my G200 Marvel at the moment but I don't want to get left behind in the 3D world. I would love to run some of my 3D games in 1024 x 768 like many other people do.

It's hardly worth upgrading to a G400 Marvel and besides, G400's are old technology now (six months old!!!). They're about to be leapfrogged by the nVidia GeForce cards.

So what do I do? I can't buy a non-Matrox card because I need the video editing capability. I guess I'll have to wait for the G600 but that probably won't appear for a few months yet (no, seriously).

1st October 1999, 01:50

I'm in the same boat, no G400 Marvel for me either. Either i get a G400Max + Rainbow runner or an RT2000 when i have the cash. The G400 will more than hold its own for the next year in 3D so don't worry. I'm also thinking of adding ATI's Video wonder PCI MPEG-2 card when it comes out. Apparently will work with any graphics card with overlay and will give hardware MPEG-2 capture.