View Full Version : Marvel G200 TV MJPEG editing

26th September 1999, 16:20

When editing non-MJPG files I can jump from frame to frame from the timeline almost instantly, but when dealing with MJPG avi files I get a long pause(15-30sec)before it previews the frame, after brief 1 sec. the preview window black out again.

What is wrong with this, I am using Media Studio Pro 5.2. I have e-mailed Ulead for this and they say its Marvel's problem. Is Matrox aware of this and is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Please help!


30th September 1999, 14:36
I am experiencing the same problem... and also another... When doing Preview, if there is JUST ONE video clip on the timeline, the preview is ok, but if I "cut" here and there (just "cut" so I didn't move any "sub-clip"), or add a second clip... the preview often "JUMP" ... :-(((

30th September 1999, 15:12

Try this out:
Assuming that your clips frame rates matche that of the MSP project you can double click on any clip to open it up. There will be a delay as usual. Reduce the size of this window and move it out of the way. Now when you scrub you should get near instant response, depending on the size of your project.


30th September 1999, 15:57
It Worked!! I guess this will have to do for now. Thanks Anthony.