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28th September 1999, 12:05
Hi everybody,

It's here: www.ligos.com (http://www.ligos.com)

But price has little bit put on weight http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif.



28th September 1999, 14:59
Oh, yes. Beautiful.
I already buyed LSX 2.51 and it works great.
But if you capture PAL half or full size (because in this way the final cut has the best quality), and you need to resize to 352 x 288 (VideoCd), so you're bound to get Premiere (sob) and a plugin.
Ligos don't have a plugin for Premiere, right?
I have Panasonic, and I've tried DV and Xing. Nothing compares with LSX if you can feed him with an uncompressed, high quality Avi stream. But I don't want grow old waiting my streams being cropped, resized, uncompressed and splitted on one thausand 2GB files that will have to be encoded...
anyone else has some experience to share?

30th September 1999, 02:16
I have two major problems with LSX 2.0-3.0 demos:

1. Encoder works on whole frame, so I am unable to change or set the field order. The field order is incorrect for Canopus DV video, if I play MPEG2 files with Hollywood+ hardware decoder. I have to recompress entire movie to make reversed field order and then compress to MPEG2.
2. Hollywood + decoder cannot play > 6000 kbps MPEG2 from LSX smoothly. Mpeg files produced by bbmpeg encoder are played well up to 9000 kbps - I did not try higher bitrate. I suppose it is buffer under/overflow.
LSX 3.0 can produce variable bitrate mpeg2 that has average bitrate below the limit of my decoder. However, peak bitrate may go over 6000 kbps, and the movie has problems at these parts.

The output quality is worse than for bbmpeg with my own encoding parameters optimizations, especially on high motion scenes with a lot of fine details (a man running on grass, for example).
Instead of common blocking artifacts, LSX introduces something like noise in a movie. This noise is less visible than blocks, but still degrades the quality.

I'll use bbmpeg, because LSX has lower Quality/cost ratio in my case. The "cost" of bbmpeg is average 5 seconds per frame speed, instead of 1-4 frames per second for LSX encoder.


A question:
What is the best mpeg2 software decoder/player that works under NT on Matrox Millenium II card?
I need good decoding quality with the speed of >5 FPS, just to be able to preview mpeg files.
Most DVD/mpeg2 software players are not working with Mill II because of no overlay support. Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

30th September 1999, 10:10
Just purchased my upgrade from V2.51 to V3. Very impressed so far.

aka Chris H