View Full Version : Hiccups in timeline playback with Premiere & G200 Marvel

29th September 1999, 16:46
I know many are not happy w/ Premiere + Marvel, but I can't abide the MSPro interface.

I'm trying the Premiere 5.0 demo in anticipation of buying a DV Card/Premiere 5.1 bundle & continuing to use the Marvel for low-res movies.

System is a Celeron 400/Intel AL440LX Mobo (UDMA 33)/128MB DRAM/5400 Seagate 6gig drive (UDMA 33- Intel's busmastering drivers are installed)/Win95

I capture using the PC-VCR app & bring in the clip to Premiere after creating a project w/ Matrox MJPEG as codec & frame size matching what I told PC-VCR.

As others have described, scrub in the preview window doesn't work- no biggie.
Timeline playback of simply cut up clips works fine. However, when I create a transition or filter some video, then render the preview, I get a hiccup when time reaches the junction between unmodified & "new" video. Playback hesitates for 1/4 second then continues. It does NOT look like I get dropped frames in the "new" video- it plays smoothly.

Clips are captured to my "D" drive, which is a 2GB FAT32 partition of my boot drive (I'll be adding a big 7200RPM drive soon). I've told Premiere to use D as the scratch drive for rendering transitions also. Raptest (Canopus Raptor DV product disk throughput tester) gives me around 3-4 Mbytes/sec on this drive.

While this makes editing less WYSIWYG, my biggest concern is that timeline playback seems to be the way around the 2GB file limit- you can't have a single clip >2GB, but you can sequence through a bunch and have a nice long movie.

Any ideas? New (non boot) harddrive the answer? Is it a RR-MJPEG codec issue that the Morgan codec might fix (and wouldn't be a problem with DV)?


30th September 1999, 07:00
Part of the problem is with Premiere and part of it comes from the AVI format. The AVI format interleaves the video and audio, so Premiere has to process it on the fly. When you render a portion of the Timeline, Premiere creates separate Video and Audio files, which it can handle much more easily.

As for the hiccups, that is caused by Premiere switching back and forth between your captured material and the transition (new) material.

I prefer the layout of Premiere over MS Studio myself. I'm also a user of Illustrator and Photoshop and Premiere can import AI and PSD files. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this, but the Rainbow Runner package had Cutlist, a feature which would zip through the Timeline rendering only filters and transistions. This saves time and disk space AND gets you past the 2Gig barrier by giving you smooth playback off the Timeline.

Hope my answer helped. If you ever come across a solution for Timeline PLayback in Premiere, please let me know!

K62-300, 96MegRAM, FastTrack IDE RAID (14GIG), Marvel G200