View Full Version : Any Premiere Experts out there?

29th September 1999, 11:33
I'm editing this video on abode premiere but I'm having problems with the cross dissolve function.

Here is the scenario:

I'm trying to get video A to cross dissolve to video B. The dissolve works fine but when I get to the end of the cross dissolve, one more frame from video A pops up again. And then video B continues on. That last frame from video A is what's bothering me.

The end of the cross dissolve lines up perfectly with the end of video A as seen in the timeline.

Does anyone know what is wrong?


29th September 1999, 23:02

I am not an expert but I have run into this problem. However, mine was because I was working at 1 sec resolution where the dissolve appeared to be aligned. When I set the resolution to 2 frames, I saw that channel A actual did hang over by a frame.

Just a thought.


30th September 1999, 01:24
I never had such problem when I turned ON snapping feature of timeline window.
I am using 4.2 version.