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28th September 1999, 23:11
Does anyone know of any free software that can convert AVI to MPEG?

Also does anyone know what an STR. file is?

Also, how much compression is there after the conversion from avi to mpeg?


28th September 1999, 23:29
You can download demo versions of MPEG encoders at http://www.xingtech.com (mpeg1 only) http://www.ligos.com (mpeg1 and 2)

Free and very good, but slow encoder can be found at: http://members.home.net/beyeler/bbmpeg.html
(mpeg2 only)
Depending on what quality you need to get,
MPEG video may have 600 to 8000 kilobits per second.
The quality of 5000 kbps mpeg2 video is comparable with original video.
1200 kbps mpeg1 is used in video CD.

There are several more software encoders, but they produce lower quality mpeg files, as I saw.


29th September 1999, 10:37
You could try AVI2MPG (DOS based).There is also is a windows front end for it, but I'm damned if I can find a URL for it at the moment.

Works for me and it's freeware.

I'm just running a test compression for you so I can give you comparative filesizes. I'll let you now later....

29th September 1999, 11:07
Well just goes to show that too much haste causes little progress. I just grabbed a 17 second clip I had lying about and converted it. Shame that the clip was full frame, as this caused a warning message when converting and then blew my net session out of the water when I tried to play the MPG back. Still, on rebooting I can watch it (just). It shrank from 48.6 to 3.05 Mb and took around 15 minutes to render.

I'll try it again later when I'm not so busy, only using a "proper" 1/4 screen PAL clip instead