View Full Version : G200 Marvel In Multi-Monitor system?

27th September 1999, 00:09
I know with the original drivers this wan't possible, I'm just wondering if the situation has changed.

Under Win98 could you have a MM setup consisting of (for example) an AGP Marvel G200, and a PCI Millennium G200, and still get the video capture functions of the Marvel to work? (With the latest drivers)

aka Chris H

27th September 1999, 12:57
I think some people here have reported that it does work with their cards. I have a Marvel G200 PCI and a Millenium G400 AGP and this combination does not work. I think it's somewhat disappointing that if you want to do dual monitors with the Marvel G200 PCI you can't buy Matrox's current video card. It probably has something to do with the DualHead on the G400, although I'm not using it. So if you have a PCI Marvel G200, don't get the G400 because it won't work. Buy some other brand, but do some checking first to make sure that combo works.

29th September 1999, 09:18
Using the most recent (beta) drivers, I now have dual monitors with working capture and editing.
I had a Marvel AGP, to which I added an ATI Xpert'98-PCI as my "second" monitor. I had to ensure that the bios setting for "Integrated Peripherals" indicated that the primary display was AGP. Win98 then picked up the ATI as the second monitor and all is well.
Matrox does stress that existing drivers be completely uninstalled before installing the newer version. Worked like a charm for me....