View Full Version : Anyone have this problem with AVI_IO?

28th September 1999, 09:49
the sound is just noise.

28th September 1999, 14:08
Hi Matroxi,

I use AVI_IO all the time and the sound comes through just fine for me.

Can you give any more specifics about your problem? Like are you able to get good sound if you capture with PC-VCR Remote or Ulead Video Capture, etc.?


28th September 1999, 14:32
I've got a RR g-series. and a g200 card.
the pc-vcr works fine when capturing (video tools 1.21).

The sound from source can be heard "always" in windows background because of line-in. But when i try to start a program which "needs" the soundcard e.g. AVI_IO the sound suddenly becomes pure noise.

Keith Wiebe
28th September 1999, 16:25
I don't hear any noise but I also don't hear any sound when capturing with avo. The sound is ok with the remote but probably not with the Ulead capture. I really haven't been too concerned. (probably just a setting on the volume control).

28th September 1999, 19:39
are you lineing the sound directly into your sound card or are you passing it through the rr-g to your sound card? what brand sound card do you have? what version of the drivers are you using?

29th September 1999, 01:21
When my friend set up his PC and the ran AVI_IO it didn't capture any sound. He had to run PC-VCR to initialise the sound first.


29th September 1999, 16:50
heh okay =) thanks for all the help. i've figured out a solution: i have to switch the source and then the audio is fine again.