View Full Version : Marvel G200 + 5.30 + HL = Crashes

19th October 1999, 18:11
I upgraded to 5.30 and whenever I play in HL, D3D and OGL, when I try to connect to a server using the in game browser the screen goes black and I have to restart the computer. I went back to 5.25 and everything is fine, except for D3D score blocking and OGL causes me to lose packets(NO it is not my connection, get ~225 with D3D), oh well

21st October 1999, 08:29

Someone correct me if I'm way off, but as far as I remember, the 5.30 drivers don't support the marvel G200.


21st October 1999, 15:48
I thought it said for all G200s but I could be wrong.

21st October 1999, 18:39
5.30 simply do not get along with the G200 cards. Simply wait for another release... try the 5.25 in the mean time.


26th October 1999, 21:25

I got exactly the same problem using my Marvel G200 with 5.30 driver + HL.

I got "OE" blue screen and the PC reboot.

I even test the OpenGL with an Windows screan saver (3Dpipe)... same blue screen!!!

Everything is ok with the 5.25.

Guys are correct that the Marvel G200 is "offically NOT supported" with the 5.30, but they detect the Marvel correctly and installed flawlessly...

BTW, are you using an SS7 VIA mobo... because if not, I will be happy that the problem is not comming from my mobo :-)