View Full Version : Dear Ant, Help me!

26th October 1999, 17:07
I am a Matrox G400 user. My driver is the newest version 5.30.007. And I found two problems:
1. I can't see the fog on the tracks when I playing the game 'Need for Speed High Stakes' of Electric Arts. And I've ever seen it on others PC with TNT2 or Voodoo2. It should have fog when playing the track 'Home Town' and 'Route Adonf'. Is it a bug of Matrox driver or EA's games?
2. I can't install the driver by launch the 'setup.exe'. It told me it can't find 'setupres.dll', 'setup32.dll' and 'setup32.dll in the same directory of setup.exe. But they were really in the same directory. At last I install the driver by expand the files by hand using the command 'expand.exe' of dos. I've tested the earlier drivers of G400. Their setup returned the same error now. But I intalled them without any error before. I think there must be something affected the 'setup.exe'.
C366OC550 64M G400 16MSG