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23rd October 1999, 13:25
I have my G400 32meg mostly up and running okay, Dungeon Keeper 2 didn't crash today and Might and Magic 7 seems to be stable. However Everquest refuses to even start. On clicking the .exe file it brings up an error box without any message, just an 'okay' button. I recollect it doing this when I tried to start it with a 2d card in so i get the feeling its not even recognizing a 3d card in the system. I've tried reinstalling EQ and the card but to no avail. I know people have got EQ working with this card so if anyone could shed some light I'd be grateful.

I'm using the latest 5.30 drivers. There used to be a voodoo 3 in the system but i've removed every reference I can find for that completely, including from out of the registry.


23rd October 1999, 14:46
Try reinstalling DX. I had no problems with even the 5.13 drivers, except that EQ always wanted to start in Glide mode, and I had to swtich to D3D every time I started it.

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23rd October 1999, 16:57
Reinstaled DX 6.1 that i was using at the time of putting the G400 in and have since installed DX 7 - still nothing.

Of course I'm assuming that by DX you meant DirectX.

I can't even get as far as choosing what mode I want to use, brings up that error box and when i click the okay button it closes completely.


24th October 1999, 18:15
Hmmm, I'm stumped. Only time I had problems with EQ was a bad case of CIH, and that just kept looping through the patch/update process.

Have you tried posting on some of the EQ newsgroups/boards?

24th October 1999, 19:28
I don't have your problem. I can run EQ perfectly with my overclocked G400 Max, PD5.3, DirectX 6.1 and a overclocked P3-495 without any problem. I suggest you better format the harddisk and reintall everything becase you had a Voodoo installed before http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif.

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24th October 1999, 20:25
Had this problem. did you have voodoo 2 cards installed? Find a way of completly cleaning the drivers off your machine. I went and edited the registry, but you shouldn't have to go that far.

25th October 1999, 16:44
Never had the voodoo 2 in there, voodoo 3000 was the first 3d card i ever had, as far as it still remaining in the system, i've removed every single reference i can find including down to registry level.

I've looked in: H_Key Local Machine/system/Current control set/services/class/display and I only have the one folder 0000 for the matrox. I've been told that if the voodoo was still there it'd have a 0001 folder as well.

I have a spare hard drive on which i've tried installing win 98 and win98SE - on a clean install as soon as I install the 5.30 drivers the whole thing crashes with display adaptor problems and i can't get out of 16 colours and 640*480. I must have seen the win98 setup screen 20 times over the last couple of weekends.


26th October 1999, 08:27
Do a search for all files with glide in it. I had this problem till I blew them away. Somehow EverQuest found them and tries to load them even after I unstalled the drivers and all references.

As for the fresh install:

You have to safe mode, remove the G400 card.
Reboot and it will re-detect the G400.
When prompted to restart, just say NO.
Go to display properties, select 640x480x256.
Go to advance properties, select Adapter Default refresh rates, rather than Optimal.
Click OK (system will say changes not saved).
Go back into Advance Prop to make sure the Refresh Rate is set to Default.
(the setting must stick for your display to come up coheriently)

That's it!
Apparently, the "Optimal" at 640x480 is some insanely high freq that our monitor can't handle.

26th October 1999, 10:58
Hanorin - you are a genius, pure and simple. Thankyou so much, you've saved what little of my sanity is left http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif - finally I can get back to my addiction.

I'll play with the 98 install later, for now the deperate bid to try and fix things is finished so i don't really need it, but when I do that'll be usefull.

Thanks to everyone else who tried to figure this one out.