View Full Version : G400 MAX Turbo GL Probs with Half Life, Unreal

Rob McHattie
24th October 1999, 16:22
Hey Guys..
Ive read through all the other posts regarding this and tried EVERYTHING..
Im running an Athlon 700, with the 5.3 drivers installed (after uninstalling others first).
I turned off the dual head, made sure it wasnt sharing any resources, turned off all shadowing in the BIOS, updated the latest patches for the games, everything!!
But still, in Half Life, all I get is the black screen with the 'Loading' graphic on it, then it just keeps flashing at me..
In Unreal its even worse..the whols screen goes into spasm and hangs the machine entirly..
Has anyone got any more ideas?
Im also running 2x IBM 22gb 7200 HD's SBLive 1024 (latest updates) Win 98SE.

25th October 1999, 16:35
I feel your pain. I'm having similar issues with my Athlon 650 w/ FIC SD-11 (see my post in the hardware forum). For me, I am atleast able to play for a while before it locks up.

I did find better luck using Direct 3D vs. OpenGL. In HalfLife OpenGL would lock up during the opening cable car ride sequence when you start a new game, but under D3D it was able run for quite a while.

I'm not sure if its a heat issue or not in my case. Although when I feel the air coming off of the G400's fan it's just barely warm.

One suggestion I would give you is try forcing AGPx1 using the registry hacks. That helped things for me.

Good luck.