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24th October 1999, 01:09
Where are the tests you promised to us with the TurboGL fist release? I confess I'm very disappointed.

24th October 1999, 11:08
Leave Ant alone.
He's been very busy as of late. And, since the MURC is just a side hobby, it shouldn't take precidence over work/family or anything else he feels deserves his time. In case you haven't noticed, the board's been getting some huge improvements thanks to the time that Ant <I>can</I> give.
If you want these benchmarks so much, stop your damn whining and do them yourself.


24th October 1999, 11:50
ouch! direct and to the point! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif ... and so true...

24th October 1999, 14:20
And I've been confined to my bed for the last 3 days with a rather nasty flu http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

24th October 1999, 16:08
Remember, get your Flu shots! Especially since there are so many places offering them free! Get Well Soon Ant!

24th October 1999, 17:54
Oh, and apparently Ant's been sick.

Hey, where did HTML go?

24th October 1999, 23:26
Maybe I'm wrong. The fact is: how long will it take to test it? 5 minutes at all resolutions? Doesn't he have that time at all? And what about no words on why we get so low results compared to him? Where his tests run at everything to max or not? Is it so difficult to confess? Finally, I'd like to remember I DID a huge test to try to clarify the situation to everybody, but I hadn't the TurboGL version Ant had.

25th October 1999, 05:37
Listen Sharkyboy,

The man is sick. Give him a chance to get well. Those benchmarks can wait.

to Ant:

You just stay in bed as long as needed...That's an ORDER!! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


"Unix can be a cynical Operating System for a person whos mind is limited to a Windows user interface"

System specs:
ASUS P2B-LS, 128MB RAM, Matrox Millenium G200, Nothing O/C.
Running Windows 98SE & Redhat Linux 6.1

25th October 1999, 07:39
OK I confess I'm just part of the great Matrox conspiracy to put out false hype to get you suckers in to part with your money. In return Matrox pay me 50% of the cash they earn from every board they sell worldwide.

Sharkyz if you even bothered to read my intial report on TurboGL which you apparently have not you would know I tested with everything set to max as I quite plainly state it. If you bothered to read these forums at all you would have known that have have responded on several occasions as to why there are differences between the early beta TurboGL and the release version.

And if you think it will take just 5 minutes to run through all of it you are very much mistaken. When 5.30 was release I had just received the Marvel G400 to review so that was in my test system. Now to go back to the MAX I have to strip down the test system remove Windows 98 et al and reinstall everything then start again.

Shall I give you a little run down on my daily routine.

7:00AM wake up
7:30AM leave for work
6:00PM arrive home from work
6:30PM eat dinner
7:00PM to 10:00PM spend time with my family
10:00PM to 2:00AM start work online, check email, check the sites are working, do whatever admin needs doing on the servers, check the forums, answer email, do the rounds of other sites on the Net, update the site, fit in whatever testing can
2:00AM go to bed.

I'm sorry I don't have the luxury of working full time on the site like other people do, I do this for the love of it and nothing else and at times I get very snowed under and get way behind. If that's not good enough for you then bugger off elswhere it's a sodding piece of PC hardware and a driver not the conspiracy surrounding the death of JFK.

Hey I haven't slept much lately with the flu and everything, does it show http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

25th October 1999, 12:52
Nah, Ant. It doesn't show... well, okay, maybe a little bit.

Anyway, some of us can relate to your situation. Keep up the good work!


25th October 1999, 12:59

You should get more rest dude (unless your a skitzer) You do alot for the site, and now knowing this is a spare time gig for ya, makes it that much better- You created a community... Hats off to ya dude.

25th October 1999, 14:36
NO! Ant must update the site everytime I want a new benchmark. As soon as I ask for them they must be up in 5 MINUTES dammit!

Actually, screw that. Ant! You must learn to read my mind and put up the benchmarks before I even know i want to see them.

And you damn well better make sure they are the 6.70 version driver benchmarks that the lead programmers son is just starting to dream up in his googoo gaagaa state of fascination.

And stop using the same pain I do dammit. Since you already knwo how to read mind's and see the future you should have known I was gonna use that green fer my comp room and not used it so i wouldnt feel like I was beeing copiued and I could feel unique and special.

*/Sarcasm off/*

Get better soon dude

25th October 1999, 15:09