View Full Version : Can't seem to find the console command for gamma in Unreal.

22nd October 1999, 20:57
Hi, The G400 always seems to show the brights brighter and the darks darker in Unreal (and recently the, ahem, Nerf Demo).
"well just adjust the contrast on your monitor!"
heh, well thats not exactly what I was looking for.
I have done some searching and not dicscovered anything related to in game contrast or gamma.
Have already played with the in game brightness and the Advanced Options use gamma correction.
Does anyone have a lead?

24th October 1999, 07:22
http://unreal.epicgames.com/UTConsole.htm only lists a BRIGHTNESS command. Haven't tried it, it may be mapped to gamma correction, just like the brightness setting from the GUI.

24th October 1999, 09:50
Thanks Scytale, I discovered that too. But doesn't seem to do much except the same thing as brightness control in the Advaned Options.

25th October 1999, 01:04
I knew you knew. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Indeed, especially that Nerf thingy needs some serious gamma correction.
I'm using PowerStrip for on the fly gamma correction (with a hotkey). It does the trick.

25th October 1999, 07:11
The hotkey sounds like a good idea with powerstrip.