View Full Version : D3D vs OpenGL

25th October 1999, 06:20
When using my G400 32mb, which version should i run?
D3D or OGL?
Can i 3dFX software to run? or do i need a patch?

System Spec:
Its white, shiney and has a 32Mb G400 in it.
What more do you need to know?

25th October 1999, 06:49
The G400 seems to be built for D3D and as such programs like 3DMark99 show the G400 ahead of cards like the TNT2. If you've got a P3 or Athlon, the Turbo GL for the G400 gives a strong performance in GL games. The G400 will not use 3DFX Drivers and infact the TurboGL doesnt like SLI Voodoo 2's being present.

All I can add is that Unreal Tournament, Freespace II and Homeworld on my system rate as some of the most fluid games I've seen on my PC.

System: P3@558 Vantec 5040 cooler, 128MB PC125 Ram, G400Max, V2 SLI (Currently out), HOT 661 MoBo, AWE64 Gold, 2940AU Scsi with 32x Reader and 4x4x16 Writer, Jaz and Zip, Card Cooler.

3DMark99 800x600 = 5765
Quake 2 Timedemo1 = 103.9 fps