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3rd October 1999, 09:08
Just got the full version and was wondering if anyone has any feedback/tips for the G400 in opengl or D3d.

3rd October 1999, 11:44
Use Direct3D as the open GL version can be very slow and jerky

But there are yet again graphical errors due to the G400's drivers in the game.

Byron Hinson
Microsoft MVP

3rd October 1999, 18:08
I get some glitches on HomeWorld as well. When I pull the view out from the mother ship the docking ports get all wierd on me. I wonder if switching the 32 bit Z buffering on in display properties will fix this (anyone know if this helps).

Also I occasionally get locks with the sound still playing if I zoom in on a resource collector or salvage corvette and it is using its tractor beam effect. Anyone else get this? I got the latest drivers and Direct X 7 installed.

4th October 1999, 03:46
Ditto on the graphical glitches. Plus I have some sound(?) problems where the whole game starts to get jerky. (sound and video)

Good thing I haven't sold my old TNT yet...

17th October 1999, 21:29
The Homeworld graphics problem still exists after installing driver ver. 5.30. I have the same problem with graphics tearing on the mothership when zooming out. It is a real shame as the game is a real feast for the eyes. Anyone with a fix for the problem?


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18th October 1999, 01:12
Same problem with the docking bay.
Modifying the Z-Buffer doesn't solve it.
It doesn't appear on my Rage 128, but the colors look really better on the G400. OpenGL is very playable on my system, and the texture problem is less apparent. Could be solved with a patch, I think. I'm gonna drop an email about it...

Corwin the Brute

18th October 1999, 13:45
I have seen the docking bay z-buffer problem happen on a PII-400 with a Creative Labs Banshee card in it as well as my main computer with the G400 Max. I have a friend with a TNT2Ultra so I will ask if it happens on his as well. I think this is a problem with the engine rather than with our cards.

22nd October 1999, 00:50
I have some clipping / z-buffer problems in homeworld also, when zoomed out. It also happens in the unreal and unreal tournament under dirct 3d when really far from objects. I hope matrox fixes this wierdness.


Chris Blake
22nd October 1999, 08:39
Anyone notice that the textures screw up sometimes, they go all blocky close-up? You can actually see the textures smooth-out if you go into the video options (you don't have to change any settings) whilst you're in the game.

Correct me if I'm wrong but that looks like a bug in Homeworld, not the Matrox drivers.

Anyway, it runs stable and I love the game so I won't be losing any sleep over it.

Chris Blake

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24th October 1999, 07:14
I have no clipping/Texturing Probs with my g400 but if there a lot of action the game quits to the desktop. did have anyone else this prob too?

24th October 1999, 09:54
I have absolutely no clipping/texture problems what so ever.... cos I can't afford the game yet. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif arrrg

24th October 1999, 13:31
Same clipping probs here, but that's the only issue really. I do have heavy slowdowns once i get into battle with 70+ ships or so in later levels. But then again i am running it on a PII 233. For the rest, the game is perfectly playable and awsome to the eye and the ears!


24th October 1999, 13:59

I play it best @ 1024x768x16 16bit zbf , 16bit desktop,less corruptions & no crashes & lockups like when @ 32 bit,ofcourse D3D OGL somekind sucks...but this makes me worry about :

I encounter a terible bug (I hope it is only a bug ) from miss 9> when I want to build a Dron or Ion frigate after done it says its done , but the frigates arent there ?....where are they ? , they should be near MOTHERSHIP like other new ships but they are not there
credits are gone ships not in place so end of the story . I checked out motherships launch list..guess what ? EMPTY...
I noticed that ewery thing what comes out from small dors is OK (fighters ,bombers ,salvage corvets.. ) only what should come out from LARGE dors is no more ...any ideas ?

ahh yes , the same problem apears with version 1.00 or 1.03...it makes no fun loosing money & not reciving ships..

thanks for any help !

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