View Full Version : Millnenium G400 Max TurboGl problem

20th October 1999, 10:48
I just downloaded the v5.30 drivers from the matrox site. PDGLUtil.exe is included in the package, but when I run it, it says "The Matrox TurboGL Driver doesn't support your processor type. Supported processors are:
Intel Pentium III (Windows 98 is required) and AMD Athlon (K7). "
What's up with that. I have a Pentium II. Why is it so few processors included ??

Please....anyone know about this. Oh and another thing: I just bought this game called 'Driver'. But it goes slow, even if I have all the graphics set to minimum. I have a PII 350 64mb RAM with a millenium G400 Max.
Would it help if I turn "Use Bus Mastering" off??

Please help me...=)

20th October 1999, 15:14
The TurboGL Miniport is only for P3 and K7, just like it told you. Those are the latest processors with all the spiffy new 3D optimizations that P2 and K6 don't have. That doesn't mean no OGL. You can still use the regular OpenGL ICD, which installs with the drivers. Just choose OGL from the games video options.

And I don't have tha Driver game, but DO NOT disable busmastering. That will slow things to a crawl. Do all games run slow, or is it just that one?

20th October 1999, 16:13
And hopefully we can expect a turbogl for PII/celeron/K6. Maybe without the crazy performance jump it gave to P3/K7, but if it is a miniGL drivers, it surely can be more optimized than the complete ICD.

21st October 1999, 06:06
All the other games runs fine. Except for this 'Driver' game. Even when I have 320*240 it runs slow =(.

Where do I choose OGL in the game options. In all game options there always just Direct 3D. Hope you understand my bad english =)

21st October 1999, 06:35
As I understand it, the turboGL drivers use the SSE funktions in the PIII (I have one). The thing I don't understand is that according to Matrox turboGL uses 3Dnow! with the AMD chips, so why aren't the regular k6 (2-3) supported by tGL?

21st October 1999, 10:40
Thatīs because Athlon uses extended/ehanced (?) 3DNow!, it has a few more SIMD instructions than K6. If those instructions are used (like in turbogl) K6 are out. That kinda sucks for K6 users...

21st October 1999, 15:28
Hopefully Matrox continues to update the TurboGL driver (not just bugfixes either) to include support for MMX and the standard 3DNow! extensions too. That way most of you guys can see some of the performance benefits that those of us with P3s/Athlons are witnessing.


23rd October 1999, 22:10
I remember reading some P-III review that mentioned on of the things included with the KNI instructions was Memory Streaming. I just installed the MAX today (yep traded the vanilla G400 {only 10 days old} in on an upgrade and bought a second P3 {this one a 500}) so I still haven't loaded the 5.30 drivers. I'll check and see if the RAM transfer rate goes up any.