View Full Version : G400 Max and Quake3 test fps?

22nd October 1999, 21:59
I have a g400 MAX on a pIII 500 machine with 256MB RAM. I recently installed the latest matrox drivers (5.30) along with the new TurboGL driver. However, I haven't really noticed THAT big of a difference in Quake3. Can anyone give me the average fps they are getting at 1024x768 in 16-bit color? I get about 45fps when running the q3demo1. Is this about average for the g400 MAX on this test?

23rd October 1999, 15:44
Well, see below for my system setup, but in q3demo1 at 1024x768@32bit with biliean filtering i was getting 38.8fps (up from 27.3 without TurboGL). Switching down to 16bit color brought it up to 45.9fps.
800x600 shows less of a disparity, almost "free" 32bit in fact. 62.9 in 32bit color, 67.7 in 16bit. Those are up from 32.9fps in 32bit without TurboGL.

P3-450@558mhz@2.1v, ABit BE6, 128megs 7.3125ns PC133 SDRAM, SB Live! Value, G400 32meg Dualhead (@120%), Acer ALN-201 PCI 10bT NIC, 6.5gig Seagate Medalist Pro 7200rpm, 13gig Quantum Fireball CR, Yamaha 4416e Burner, Pioneer 10x DVD-ROM, Panasonic e70 17" Monitor