View Full Version : G400 Harware Features?

16th October 1999, 11:19
I've been playing X-Wing Alliance and there are two hardware settings in the game that I'm not sure how to set. First should I turn palletized textures on or off and second should I have hardware mipmapping set to "software", "normal" or "high"? How will these different settings affect visuals and framerate?


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19th October 1999, 21:45
Ready ... here goes Palettized Textures off = better quality. I believe palettized textures have to do with using 8 bit textures as opposed to 16 like in Quake. For Mipmaps, run Quake 2 and look at the floor ... see that blur about 5 steps ahead? Thats a filter between 2 mipmaps, you want this done in hardware. A mipmap is a way to trade off visual quality and speed. With a G400 mipmaps on high shouldn't affect frame rate all that much

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21st October 1999, 00:44
For palletized textures, I just left it on. Didn't seem to make any difference for me. When it comes to mipmapping, the G400 is kind of weird in XWA. The quality is better with it off. This is the opposite of how things are with my old Banshee card. You will notice that you lose the lights and some detail from the Golan platforms and other objects if you turn it on.

22nd October 1999, 14:23
Palettized textures will not reduce your quality in a way you'll notice it. most textures do not have more the 8bit colors in them because a texture is made of similar colors not radically different colors (%99.9 of the textures) so by using palettized textures your card can save ALOT of wasted memory from being used. It isn't smart to deal with a texture that has less then 8bit color depth as it was a 32bit texture isn't it ??? And remember that when using this feature you still get overall 32bit color, the only difference is that every texture by itself can use only 8bit colors.