View Full Version : Anyone having luck with HL & 5.30 Drivers?

20th October 1999, 13:00
HalfLife is playable but not without flaws. It seems when I run in OGL 800X600 or any resolution for that matter, the Flash light doesn't work and I get little white dots appearing inbetween textures. Anyone experiencing the same stuff? Anyone have a fix?

P2 350, 128 MB RAM, ASUS P2B, G200 8MB w 5.30 drivers and 3.51 Bios, Latest HL update, DX6.1, Desktop 1024X768 32bpp and occasionally at 16bpp, just to see the perspective from a 3DFX owners world http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


20th October 1999, 16:21
1) Get a PIII-450 for $180.

2) Install.

3) Use the TurboGL.

Seriously, the ICD seems to have issues, while the TurboGL runs HL flawlessly. If you can, wait for the TurboGL driver to be adapted to the PII.

Primary System: PIII-540 (450@4.5x120), Soyo 6BA+ III, 2x128MB PC100 ECC SDRAM CAS2, G400 MAX in multi-monitor mode. V2 SLI rig. Two Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900u monitors, 3Com 3C905, SoundBlaster Live!, DeskTop Theater DTT2500 DIGITAL Speaker System (Sweeeeeet!), WD AC41800 18GB HD, WD AC310100 10GB HD, Toshiba SD-M1212 6x DVD-ROM, HP 8100i CD-RW, Epson Stylus Pro, OptiUPS PowerES 650, MS SideWinder Precision Pro USB joystick, Logitech 3-button mouse, Mitsumi keyboard, Win98 SE, Belkin OmniCube 4-port KVM, 10/100 5-port Linksys Ethernet switch (30~40MB/min under Win98SE)

Secondary System: PII-266, Asus P2B BIOS 1008, 1x128MB PC100 ECC SDRAM CAS2, Millennium II, 3Com 3C590, ADSL Modem 640kbit down/90kbit up, 3Com 3C509, Mylex BT-930 SCSI card, Seagate 2GB Hawk, NEC 6x CD-ROM, Linux distro S.u.S.E. 6.1 (IP Masquerade works!), Sharp JX-9400 LJ-II compatible

Tertiary System: DFI G568IPC Intel 430HX chipset, P200MMX, 4x64MB EDO Parity RAM, Millennium II, Intel Pro/100+ client NIC, SoundBlaster 16 MCD, Fujitsu 3.5GB HD, WD 1.2GB HD, Creative Dxr3 DVD decoder card, Hitachi GD-2500 6x DVD-ROM, Win98 SE

All specs subject to change.

20th October 1999, 16:31
The only problem with that idea is that the TurboGL is for the G400 (which btw, works great in standard OGL on my p2), but not the G200 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

The G200 seems to have some problems with 5.30. For now, the best answer is to go back to 5.25 until the next driver update...

20th October 1999, 19:47
Thanks for the help guys, though a PIII sure sounds good. I guess it's back to 5.25 for this guy. Nice to know there a people out there willing to help http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Kruzin, hats off to you guy, your everywhere and helping everyone


22nd October 1999, 11:38
I've not bothered trying the full ICD with HL yet. On Quake, it does the full rainbow happiness with the textures, so I didn't even bother with testing it on other games. Besides, that damm monitor restriction with OpenGL doesn't exist with the TurboGL.

I missed the G200 part in the .sig. I feel sorry for you. Go get a V2 to mate to that G200, or get a new CPU and a G400 MAX.

HL's another "I prefer 3dfx" game. The cheapest solution to your problem is to get a 3dfx board to support it. V2's are cheap now.