View Full Version : G400 MAX, Quake3 and NT?

19th October 1999, 22:41
I've got NT on a machine (dual P3) and I would like to upgrade the video card on it. I've got a G200 in it, so I want something that has at least that level of 2D. I also want to play Quake3 at a good frame rate on it. Anyway, my question is whether a G400 MAX would be a good deal? The TurboGL drivers are fine and dandy for Win9x, but they don't do anything for NT. Is the NT ICD any good? Anyone using it? How's Quake3 on it? Would you guys recommend I get a G400 MAX or maybe something else?

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22nd October 1999, 00:46
no, basically the NT drivers suck right now. Q3 is playable on my vanilla G400 dual head, on a PII 450 with 256 megs of ram, but it was WAY faster on the creative TNT (1) that I upgraded from. I would probably get a TNT2 or something for NT openGL gaming performance + good 2d.


22nd October 1999, 10:25
I really like the features of the G400, but I guess spending that much money would go for naught if the drivers suck that bad. I wish Matrox would support NT better, but they're probably ditching NT support in favor of ramping up Win2000 drivers.

Oh well... guess it'll be a TNT2 for me.