View Full Version : plz post your Q3 scores

21st October 1999, 10:14
I feel my Quake 3 scores are too low. My config. is :

PIII 558
Asus P2B-F
128 megs
SB PCI 128
G400 32mb (o/ced to 115%)
PDesk 5.30 (TurboGL enabled for Q3)

Running Q3 1.08 (q3test1), highest details at 1024*768, gives me 23 fps. 800*600 gives me ~35 fps. If you indeed get better scores with a similar config., any advice would be greatly appreciated.

22nd October 1999, 02:28
P3 450
64mb RAM
Abit BE6
G400 32mb

Getting 53 fps in 800x600, 32 bit colour, texture detail one notch down from maximum. You're right, your figures do sound a little low. Sorry, no advice though.

22nd October 1999, 07:43
Q3Test 1.08 on "High" Setting, with bilinear filtering (Rather than triliean) at 800x600@32bit, 60.8 fps, see specs below.
At 1024x768@32bit its a bit stickier, 38.8fps, again, bilinear filtering.
Definately try switching to bilinear, as trilinear seems to drop performance quite a bit.
Heh. My how times change ... with my G200 i would have LOVED to get 38fps in even 800x600, yet now I find that unplayable for 1024x768 =) 800x600 seems to be the only res i can play at anymore, at least in Q3Test.

Q3test's demo1 is a rather shitty demo, imho, as its too short and can be influenced by silly things like hard drive reads at inappropriate times. I usually hear one "read" during demo1, but if there are 2, 3 or more, i've seen an up to 5fps drop. Ouch.
As much as I prefer q3arena's gameplay, unreal tourney's timedemo (min, max, average, current fps) is far superior, and i can only hope ID implements something similar.