View Full Version : P2 300: Is a MAX worth it?

18th October 1999, 02:12
Well, actually, this question is rather irrelevant, as I have bought a MAX already.
(Should be here tommorow. . . WOOHOO!)

But, out of curiosity, how solid will my performance be on an older CPU like mine?
Any tweaks I can do to improve it?


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20th October 1999, 01:08
Im in the same situation as you. My G400 MAX is arriving today (!!!!!!) and im a bit worried that my PII-350, 64Mb RAM i to week. But the biggest issue is that I think I only have 1x AGP-speed and the card needs 2x. You should check this on your motherboard.

20th October 1999, 01:34
Hi !

I'm using a P2-300, and have problems getting sufficient framerates when playing GLQUAKE.
I've postet a query here some days ago, and get to the point, i've to upgrade...
Buts this looks like a problem with the ICD for GLQuake. Other games like Unreal Tournament works fine (better say playable).


20th October 1999, 01:55
Well, the card got here.
I had to buy a new Motherboard, but that's okay. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

The biggest change I've noticed is that everything is much sharper and more clear.
(I can read text on walls in various FPS's.)

Definately worth the money.

"I am. All else is negotiable."

21st October 1999, 11:00
It has arrived!!!!
My G400 MAX!!!!
Yesterday I spended about 7 hours and tested the beauty. And I was happy... really really happy. In fact so happy that I am not in school today.
It totally rules!
Even if I only have a P2-350, 64Mb RAM, everything looks absolutely beautiful.
Today i played NHL2000 on my SONY triniton TV in 1024x768 whith every feature on and it looked much better than any console-station (including Dreamcast)
There was no problem whith me only havin a 1x AGP-speed, but of course it will gain performence if you have one.
This card rocks!!!!
I love it...


21st October 1999, 21:34
See other posts about this topic for more on this topic. But yea, my celery 337 runs it fine. I got 128 megs tho, so less page swappin.

AssuP2B ,iCeleron337, 128megs PC100, G40032megSH, Yamaha PCI sound, 2 small HD's, 42X Sony CDrom and 98SE w/shutdown patch, PD 5.30 w/beta ICD