View Full Version : HOMEWORLD big BUG..or what happend ????

21st October 1999, 12:05
I encounter a terible bug (I hope it is only a bug ) from miss 9> when I want to build a Dron or Ion frigate after done it says its done , but the frigates arent there ?....where are they ? , they should be near MOTHERSHIP like other new ships but they are not there
credits are gone ships not in place so end of the story . I checked out motherships launch list..guess what ? EMPTY...

I noticed that ewery thing what comes out from small dors is OK (fighters ,bombers ,salvage corvets.. ) only what should come out from LARGE dors is no more ...any ideas ?

ahh yes , the same problem apears with version 1.00 or 1.03...it makes no fun loosing money & not reciving ships.. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

thanks for any help !

PIII450@465,P2b,128mb,Matrox Mill-G400 32SH,SB.Live !(value)...