View Full Version : Matrox G400 ACP 16MB & Rainbow 6

19th October 1999, 20:25
I recently upgraded my G200 8MB AGP to G400 16MB AGP.
I'm trying to run Rainbow 6 on the new video card and it continues to crash just before any missions or training missions. I get to the beginning of the mission and as soon as i move my mouse it crashes back to the desktop.
I've installed & reinstalled the latest DirectX drivers (7.0)& the latest drivers Matrox drivers 5.30.007. No luck.

System Specs:
PII 266 mhz
64 MB
38x Pioneer CD-ROM
SB Gold

Please offer any suggestions.

19th October 1999, 21:18
Rainbow 6 will actually run if i click FORCE SOFTWARE; however, its very choppy & slow.
However, if i disable FORCE SOFTWARE Rainbow 6 crashes as soon a mouse movement begins during game play.
Could it be a Direct X issue??

Le Bodge
21st October 1999, 07:08
I had Rainbow Six working on my Max with Win 98, DX 7 and the 5.30 drivers.

From memory, I seem to remember it was recognising the Max as a 3D card with no problems, and was running at 1024x768. I say from memory, because my Hansol 900P decided to take some time off ill, and the replacement they sent lasted all of 5 minutes...

There is a patch available from www.redstorm.com (http://www.redstorm.com) - have you installed it?

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