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18th October 1999, 01:15

Appreciate you guy can provide games titles that able to work with TGL


18th October 1999, 07:49
Q3test, Q2, Kingpin Will Not Work, Heretic2, Not sure about GlQuake, Unreal, Not UT, any others?

18th October 1999, 08:30

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20th October 1999, 14:52
Unreal Tournament Demo run much much better with TGL. Before the performance so bad that I ONLY use my voodoo2 for UT demo (anyway this demo is almost like custom made for 3dfx.) After installed PD530, i play it using 1024x768 32bit with everything turn on and still very smooth. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

My system:
P3-500, 160mb RAM, G400 32mb DH, MX300

20th October 1999, 16:18
UT doesn't work with the TurboGL for me, but the D3D performance is a whole lot better than pre-5.30

GLQuake runs ridiculously fast.

HL is on par with my V2 SLI rig.

The biggiest difference between TurboGL and the ICD, besides performance, is that the TurboGL doesn't produce rainbow textures.

Just my $0.02

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21st October 1999, 06:49
Kingpin actually works for me with tGL. It has some graphical bugs, but it runs smoothly