View Full Version : 32bit in UT 3.48

20th October 1999, 17:00
It seems turning on 32bit in UT results in a %65 perfomance hit !!!

that's when played at Hi Quality skins and world with 3D sound and at 800x600...

it is the biggest hit I've seen on a G400 in any game... I wonder if this is because of the 32bit rendering itself or because thr 32bit textures fill out all the 32mb of the G400 and it has to transfer textures through the nerrow AGP x2... I'll check it out tomorrow but it will be interesting if some of u UT players benchmark with 32bit color and lower texture quality to see if the problem is that the G400 is running out of local memory, another interesting test will be playing with the AGP bus. If I am right and the G400 memory is filled out at the resolution I tested changing to AGP x1 should result in another performance hit in 32bit and almost no performance hit at 16bit color depth...

20th October 1999, 17:40

Is it just me or do the textures look like they are set to a lower level with this new patch of UT Demo on the Matrox G400 MAX. I don't know if I am remembering this wrong or if the better frame rate on my G400 Max is because they dropped texture detail.

Somebody prove me wrong so I can boast about high frame rates now at 1024x768x32 bpp with high textures!