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20th October 1999, 12:30
I will be getting a new computer whenever Intel releases the 820 chipset, and I have everything picked out except the videocard. I would prefer the G400MAX if any retailer around here would ever get one in stock, but if not,I am leaning towards the G400. How is the G400 for gameplay? I don't play Quake and that seems to be the only game that is ever mentioned in reviews. I prefer to have a better quality picture over frame rate, but a good frame rate is important as well. I don't do any tweaking that can't be done with the utlities that come with the driver/card. So can some of you give me an unbiased review of the G400 for gaming. Thank you.

Games that I play:

Need For Speed 2SE, Need For Speed 3, Need For Speed High Stakes, Midtown Madness, Outlaws, Flight Simulator 98, NHL 99, Madden 99, Motocross Madness, and others. Thanks again!

20th October 1999, 17:11
WOW, all D3D games ... you're very lucky ... except NFS2SE (Glide) that game won't work in hardware. Outlaws?! LucasArts ... 2 years ago about ... probably glide as well, if that the case you'll need a 3Dfx card to support games for Glide.

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20th October 1999, 17:22
Just a fun thought, nfs2se will work with the G400 in glide with a glide wrapper: http://www.g200.com/Files/xgl200_0.04a.zip
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