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16th October 1999, 15:53
Just got hold of a G400 32MB (not max). Swapped out my old G200 and installed 5.30 drivers.

With the G200 and 5.30 drivers H&D ran just lovely. Now it just hangs after about 30 seconds into a mission.

Tried reinstalling and different resolutions but to no avail.

I can't believe that the G400 causes this problem where the G200 was fine!

Suggestions anyone?...sensible ones that is :-)

16th October 1999, 15:58
Yeah, how about some details about your system/OS//Irqs,etc.???


16th October 1999, 16:24
My system is PII 400 w/128mb ram. MX300 sound card. H&D is installed on SCSI HDD. CD is EIDE. Using DX6.1. I have downloaded DX7 but not installed it yet (it'll probably bugger up my system..lol). Waiting for feedback from people who have tried DX7.

16th October 1999, 16:30
What motherboard are you using?
And give a list of the IRQ assignments on your system.


16th October 1999, 17:17
Not sure how this is going to help..seeing as every thing is fine with exception of H&D. But here's the info anyway:

M/B Tyan S1832DL Tiger 100 (w/ 1 x PII 400...second Slot 1 empty)

G400 irq 11
MX300 SB emulation irq 5
MX300 parent irq 9
Com 1 irq 4
Com 2 irq 3
Lpt 1 irq 7
AHA-2940UW SCSI card irq 10 (w/ 9GB HDD)
Primary IDE irq 14 (6.4BG HDD on master)
Secondary IDE irq 15 (ASUS CD-ROM on master, Sony IDE CD-R on Slave)

clear as mud I hope :-)

16th October 1999, 17:26
Is that a GX or a BX chipset?


16th October 1999, 20:13
Similar problem here.
PIII with G400 and SBLive
Win98, directx7
Hangs on one mission, but if I run it on my PII with G200 and SB AWE64 it runs perfectly.
I suspect a conflict between the G400 and SBLive.

17th October 1999, 20:17
I had to switch back ALL the way to PD 5.13 in order to get H&D to work, and I too have a SBLive!, G400Max, and a Tyan motherboard....

18th October 1999, 14:57
Same troubles here, stopped working when I installed 5.30, single player missions seem to work better then the multiplayer.

System specs: Celeron 300A @ 450Mhz, Abit BH6, 96MB 100Mhz, G400 Vanilla, SBlife, Aopen 6XDVD

19th October 1999, 02:35
Common problem with AGP Aperture Size.
It should be set to the amount of system memory.
It has solved some hanging problems on my system.

Corwin the Brute

19th October 1999, 10:29
I wish it were that easy; however, my BIOS setting for AGP aperture size does not go up high enough. Why would older drivers work and newer ones not? Did they lose some aspect of WHQL certification when they tried to optimize the D3D performance? I love this game and it is a terrible shame that I cannot play it with the newest, fastest drivers.

19th October 1999, 15:30
I am having even worse trouble, I cant get H&D to load even, and I have used the setup correctly highlighting the video card before pressing accept, othersise the settings are not saved. Unfortunately H&D isn't able to initiate the graphics system at all, which is usually due to the above setup bug.

Anyone else had this problem, I had a overheating problem the other day, and ever since H&D is the only game that wont run at all, I had it working for a short time only like everyone else it just frose and the sound would loop till I did a soft reset.

I can think of nothing else to do now, even having resorted to reinstalling win98 twice. H&D is my favourite game http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif and is the only one I can't get to work...

20th October 1999, 14:22
I also got the exact same problem!!
Before I have NO problem when playing H&D using G200 (@ 800x600 32bit). After I had upgraded it to G400 32mb DH, H&D will hang right after the mission start. I suspect the problem is either from the video card (driver) or the game.(you know the game is quite buggy :P) Hopefully someone from Matrox or Illusion Softwork can address this. Luckily for me that i still pair my G400 with Voodoo2. For now I have to use Voodoo2 to play H&D @ 800x600 16bit http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif (and who said there is no different between 16 and 32 bit) H&D run on G200 look so much better than Voodoo2. (Can i apply the same to Voodoo3 too?...)

My system:
P3-500, A-Bit BH6, 160MB RAM (128+32), G400 32MB DH, Monster 3D2 12mb, MX300, QTM 13G HD, Pansonic 32x IDE CDROM, PureData 10/100M NIC

Win98, DX7, PD530, Latest Aureal Vortex2 ref. driver, latest voodoo2 ref. driver.