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19th October 1999, 09:58
Hi folks.

I have two computers set up as a LAN, but I can't get a UT LAN game going (every other game I tried works fine).

I can run a UT server on either machine, but this is the only time that a server listed under "LAN servers". When one machine is running a server, the second machine can not see it. When I enter the server address, the game looks for it, but never finds it.

Anybody have any ideas?

PS Both versions of the demo are 338.

19th October 1999, 10:31
I would have e-mailed this to you but you've blocked it from public display on the forums, so...

I was at a LAN game where we were using Unreal Tournament 338. Worked like a charm out-of-the-ZIP even though most of the guys did not have it installed before coming to the game. The first things to check are the network itself.

- Something that gets people (you may or may not be surprised): making sure you have the correct protocols actually installed on both machines. UT requires TCP/IP to be installed and configured.
- Made sure both machines are on the same IP network with identical netmasks and broadcast addresses?

If you (Strider) need more help, feel free to e-mail me <lance.k.dryden@usa.net>.

19th October 1999, 12:54
I had the same trouble myself, but I got it working when I changed the IP-adress on my machines. Try it,it might do the job.
My IP-adresses were and when it worked for me.
Good luck.

19th October 1999, 23:05
Just a comment.
When assigning IP's for local TCP/IP based networks, you are _technically_ free to use anything you want. Of course, if you are connected to the Internet by any sort of dedicated connection, you must restrict yourself to the 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x, and one other I can't recall off the top of my head. These are classified as "local only" IP addresses and are designed so that they may be used, but no one on the internet can directly access them.
Secondly, you said and worked, and this would be because you had your subnet mask set to, which means only IP's between and are valid (or it could be .2 and .255, can't recall at the moment).
So, for local LAN's, i always reccomend IP's of through for safety's sake, and everyone gets a subnet mask of, regardless of whether or not they are hooked to the internet. Just removes an unnecesary layer of complexity.

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20th October 1999, 07:18
Thanks everyone.

The network connection was setup by a buddy of mine. Networks and communication protocols are not something I am very familiar with. I know that we made sure to install the same protocols and settings, however, I doubt we have TCP/IP configured. For example, when playing Motocross Madness we only use the IPX LAN option (TCP/IP doesn't go). So this is obviously the problem that will not allow us to run UT.

I also want to make sure that I don't loose my modem connection. Doesn't it use TCP/IP?

I will not be back at my home machine until this weekend, so unfortunately I can't give any more details about the protocols or settings.