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12th October 1999, 03:19
... death

K6-2 FIC VIA 503+, DX7, 5.30 drivers with
a G200. Hexen II bombs out to BSOD Fatal
exception error OE has occurred at
0028:C10CEA2C in VXD G200VXD(01), Q2 just
bombs to a blank screen with a cursor top-left-hand corner. Both play OK under
DX7. And yes, I've ensured no 5.25 drivers
or reg. entries are present before installing

Anybody from Matrox out there ?

(PS 5.25 worked fine)

12th October 1999, 08:40
I posted the same frustation on 10/10. I too have a 503+ with a K6-2-450. Someone suggested that it is a VIA chipset problem, but no remedies have been posted that I can see. I can run on 5.25, but I want the 5.30 to work for me! Have had the G200 since its inception and I have faith that someone out there can bring us the CURE!

12th October 1999, 08:50
I must admit that I saw your post (plus the others), but decided to start yet another topic just to ensure that the message was spread and current. I'm surprised that this 'bug' slipped by the testing process, but like you, I do have faith in Matrox to sort it out <sigh>


(PS and I don't mean just switch off busmastering !)

12th October 1999, 12:10
I had similar problems... I have VIA chipset too.. But then again, I haven't had my card working perfectly before either... I'm on 5.25 again now....

12th October 1999, 13:49
I'm in the process of reloading 5.25 as I had same deal with 5.30
fic va-503+ rev 1.1a
amd k6-300
mill g200 8mb

12th October 1999, 14:04
5.25 back in...quake2 back working
then tried to upgrade to 5.30 again....crash when starting quake2


Next I'll try putting the 5.30 icd into 5.25 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

12th October 1999, 16:20
Yeah, same problem with a G200 and the 5.30 on a FIC motherboard with a k6-3 400... all is fine with a G400 in that same system... might need to keep these 5.25 for a while longer!


14th October 1999, 08:44
DuRaNgO: Did mixing the 5.30 ICD and PD5.25 work ? (hardly a fix I know, but kinda interested in the result)

Has anybody offically told Matrox of this bug (beyond posting here) ?

14th October 1999, 09:24
yes it did! showed about a ~10% increase, had to do it from a fresh install (uninstall PD 5.25 completely)

PIII-500mhz @ 620!
Abit BE6 mobo
128mb pc-100
Mill G400(YAHOO!!!) 32mb @ 160/200 with MGATweak)
PD 5.30
Maxtor 13.2 gb Uata66 hdd
SB Live!
Winblows 98se
THREE BIG FANS, six little ones and a case that sounds like a turbine engine...doh! :D

18th October 1999, 08:10
Just thought I should add to this thread....

Similar probs w 5.30:

Q2 = Grey screen w stuck mouse pointer
Unreal = GPF [Internal]
X - BTF : Hang with repeating music + GPF

Me...I have a k62-300
Mil G200 8Mb SGRam

I also, reported this fault on the day after the drivers were released [9th?]

Good luck folks!

18th October 1999, 09:21
I emailed Matrox over this as well.
Perhaps a Matrox forums member could acknowledge that the problem has been flagged at Matrox Central and fix is on the way !

Let's not forget that some of us still have a G200 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

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19th October 1999, 02:46
So clearly I should not even bother to install 5.30 in my K6-2/G200 box, eh?? OK, we'll wait to see how 5.30 works when I assemble my MAX/PII box... but till I do, it's 5.25 for me!!

No prob there, 5.25 works great!!


What? System specs? Oh, yes, right...well, at the moment, it's: Soyo 5EMA, K6-2 333, 256MB PC100 SDRAM, Maxtor 7GB HDD, LS-120, Promise Ultra33 EIDE controller, Diamond Monster Sound MX300, HP 8100i CD-RW, Hi-Val (Nakamichi) 16X 5-disk CD changer, Win98 +SR1...oh yeah, and a Millennium G200 8MB SGRAM.

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19th October 1999, 03:41
Hell, give 'um a crack and see what happens !
As far as I can tell from posts here and elsewhere only OGL is at fault, but it fails so convincingly that I can't help thinking is anything else up with these drivers ?

Tony Seattle
19th October 1999, 13:33
VIA has there new 4 in 1 drivers on their site that updates the VIA chipset BIOS. Try it, one of the 4 updates is an AGP fix.

Self love is not such vile a sin, then self neglecting! -Henvy V

19th October 1999, 21:04
I also received this error. I have a VIA Chipset using a PII motherboard.

FIC VA-6100
Celeron 300A

20th October 1999, 03:27
Tony: It's not, for me, a question of upgrades nor BIOS alternations, etc - I have all the latest drives (VIA 1-in-4 v4.14, etc). It's a question of OGL worked with 5.25, OGL doesn't now work with 5.30.