View Full Version : Gamma problems generally!

19th October 1999, 14:30
Ok - what settings do I need for normal Quake in idgamma to get it looking ok on my G400??

And if not - then what the hell can I do to stop my card from switching the manually set gamma I use for games when it loads quake?

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G400 32 D/H, PIII450@560, ABIT-BE6, MX300

19th October 1999, 21:28
Why don't you throw IDGAMMA away and use the colour tab, just link the colours and push the slider up a couple of notches then when you're done Quakeing reset the colours, it isn't a huge hassle and it doesn't play with Quake's textures either

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20th October 1999, 01:44
... maybe you have to switch the desktop to the game resolution, if you lose the gamma settings.

You can also try the PowerStrip utility, where you can setup game shortcuts and adjust brightness, contrast and gamma.
You can get it here : http://www.entechtaiwan.com/