View Full Version : Adding the Cheap V2...help???

16th October 1999, 14:39
I have the G400Max and totally love the TurboGl...If I install the V2(its really only to play Tribes, anyway...all the other games I play, so far, are good to great with the Max)...If I just don't run the MiniGl for the V2...will that work???I know that Tribes runs under Glide(I think...it has a 3Dfx mode) so if I down one of the Video Card Switchers to choose which card I want to use, should that work...again..I don't plan on running the 3Dfx Mini Gl...and from what I have read, this is what causes probs with the TurboGl....Any help would be great appreicated...especially before I open the box and have to pay 15% if I want to take the V2 back!!!
Also, if anyone remembers who makes the Video Card Switcher, I would also appreciate being pointed in that direction...

19th October 1999, 21:38
A 3DFX logo usually means glide so there shouldn't be a problem ... I used to have an m3D (hmmmmm) and I always could find 3D Control Center on powervr.com or videologic.com can't remember which though

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