View Full Version : TurboGL Issue in Quake2 (Has anyone noticed this?)

19th October 1999, 12:44
I use the rail most of the time in Quake2, and I've noticed that shooting the rail gun far distances causes the shot to be invisible (i.e. the blue trail disappears). Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

Also, during the Multiplayer Skins setup, I can only see the mug-shot and skin on the screen. The rest of the screen is grey. Is there any way to fix this???


19th October 1999, 14:01
Yep, I noticed the multiplayer screen thingie. I had to go into my config and to it manually.

19th October 1999, 17:22
I have the same problem with the Multiplayer setup screen using TGL, but not with the normal ICD. I asked Matrox about this, and they said they are aware and are working on it.


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