View Full Version : G400Tweak- Add hidden registry tweaks to your display properties (repost)

19th October 1999, 06:27
Why the repost?
If it where news, we would have all been happy and replied to the original posting...but that util has been around for a while, and the author of it frequents these forums (he got his ideas from suggestions here, and tested the util out on us)

Sean Segel
19th October 1999, 12:17
Hi Kruzin,

I posted this message again mainly because of typos in the first. :> Not everyone seems to know this program exists since it isn’t available for download at MURC. I thought that the “newbies” and others not in the know might enjoy this program.



Tony Seattle
19th October 1999, 13:30
Apprec! I did not know about this Util! Thanks!!

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Sean Segel
19th October 1999, 16:04
I would like to thank the iXBT website G400 Max reviewer for alluding to the G400Tweak program. Article:

For those whom aren’t hip to this little gem, it is a G400Tweak program (for the G400 series) that adds a Tweak tab to your display properties for access to hidden registry settings. I myself am not too big on overclocking, so this program (unlike MGATweak) is right up my alley.

Give it a try:

G400Tweak Homepage http://home.thezone.net/~bm/myfiles.html

G400Tweak .006 http://home.thezone.net/~bm/files/G400Tweak.zip