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16th October 1999, 12:47
Messiah, if it ever comes out, WILL support EMBM as a patch after its release. This is contrary to many of the rumors on the web. Just so you know.

16th October 1999, 13:02
You know me guys (and gals), I'm not trying to start a flame war, but I find Messiah rather interesting. First off it's a cool concept for a game (I love being creative w/ the powers). But also, the engine supports real-time tesseling. I'm wondering if the nv10 will show a significant improvement here, straight out of the box.



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16th October 1999, 17:37
I may be wrong, but some say Messiah doesn't support it.

16th October 1999, 18:09
Well, it at least was supposed to. I haven't kept up on things, though.

18th October 1999, 09:44
Dude- I have been following messiah for 2 years now, and the technology in the game is old... I mean it was being developed for the PSX (hehe) I havent heard about any new dynamic affects, but the game looks dark, and the story rocks... I hope Shinny actually does some shit. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon12.gif

18th October 1999, 09:59
Last time I read anything it was a Q&A with a Shiny programer and he stated that the Game WOULD NOT support EVBM. I was pissed!
I love that game publisher! have you guys ever played MDK? It thought it was great and it had such a nice looking engine! It was really funny also...

18th October 1999, 17:24
Messiah is going to support EMBM in a patch after the demo and everything. A programmer from shiny was pissing and moaning about the GheyHorse not doing the kind of geometry acceleration or whatever they had implemented.

19th October 1999, 01:57
So, does it do real-time tesseling or not?