View Full Version : Midtown Madness only on second head?

6th October 1999, 14:03
I just installed Midtown madness, and it only seems to want to play on my second head (I have a G400 obviously).

Anybody else had this problem, or is it just me.

If I disable the second monitor then its alright, but I get all my desktop icons messed up (same as when I play quake3 and all other openGL games).

Im using win98SE and PD5.25 and DX7

Thanks for any help



18th October 1999, 17:56
I have a g400 also, and whenever I try to open Midtown Madness, i get an error saying it cannot ditect my 3d card.

P3 450
256mb ram
g400 (dual head, not max)
new drivers with turbog