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18th October 1999, 11:20
Is there a way to output a game to a TV while still leaving your computer usable similar to the ability of showing a DVD fullscreen on the TV while still using the computer?

18th October 1999, 15:07
Remember that OGL games only works with dual head disabled and the second head is not accelerated... hence the only possible way would be a D3D game while using multiple display and putting whatever you wnat opened on that second head... but might not work that well ... would have to test it to be sure but i do not have a second monitor.. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

18th October 1999, 17:15
Not entirely true.
I had my G400 DH hooked up to my tv for the Matrix, and then decided to see q2 on my big screen. It does work you have to choose clone for it to work with ogl games, I played q3 and q2 so it does work you just have to select the clone feature(it looks shitty compared to the monitor but if you want big screen...).
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