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16th October 1999, 15:59
After starting Speed Busters, I get thrown back in windows after the loading sequence in the beginning.
Anyone any ideas?

tish beta2
17th October 1999, 00:30
First give us your specs, then we'll tell you to re-install the drivers, then it still won't work, then we'll tell you to re-install win98. Then it will work

17th October 1999, 09:29
Or, most people other than tish will actually try to help you. He can be a real annoyance. System specs would be a good idea, though.


17th October 1999, 10:21
Ok, here are my specs:

Celeron 300a
Abit BH6
Matrox G400 32 MB SH (5.30 drivers)
64 MB-PC100
Sound Blaster Live! Value (liveware 2.0)
Aopen 36x CDROM

That's it.

17th October 1999, 10:45
I don't own a Live! myself, but I believe you need to upgrade to a later version of Liveware. Isn't 2.1 out? Maybe someone who actually has a Live could speak up?


17th October 1999, 11:22
I forgot to mention that the demo (the first one, I believe) does work on my system. Therefore, I don't think that my SBLive has anything to with it.

17th October 1999, 12:05
Okay. But I'd still ask around. You've heard my opinion.

17th October 1999, 12:15
Yes, there is no reason why you should not upgrade to the latest Liveware 2.1 drivers anyway. I, like you dont have any probs with the demo (though I do not have the game) but it doesn't necessarily mean that the full version 'should' also work, since many things can change between the time of the demo and final release.
Have you tried the 26Mb patch and new DLL's for the game?

17th October 1999, 15:03
Yes, I already patched my game with that one.
I also upgraded my live!ware drivers to 2.1.
Still no success though http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

18th October 1999, 02:48
I think we need a few Abit owners in here to help, but.. where is the Live! card? It's not in the slot immediately below the AGP slot, is it? That would probably be bad. They may be sharing an interrupt. If you open up your case to look, you might also want to take the G400 out, and put it back in firmly: Abit didn't size the motherboard quite right, and sometimes G400's don't fit correctly. The symptom may only show when the system is really being pushed, though.


K6-2/350@400, 503+ rev 1.2a, 128MB PC100 RAM, Millenium G200, RH6.1 w/ 2.2.12-20, Win98, and too many classes

18th October 1999, 05:48
Well, there isn't any card below my AGP bus, so that can't be the problem. I forgot to tell though, that this the only game I have problems with. Everything else works properly, so I'm pretty sure the card is inserted correctly. I did re-insert it, but it isn't helping.

18th October 1999, 15:04
I have no problems with speedbusters, and I have about the same sys. specs as you. the only thing that doesn't work is that bloody 26MB patch I download for 2 hours, first it gives a sound error and after that it kicks back to windows with a CD not found error, but that probably means that the patch wasn't ment for European release of speedbusters (those bastards could of include that on their site)

(btw nevermind that spelling mistake in my system specs, I'm gonna fix that as soon as I get home)

System specs: Celeron 300A @ 450Mhz, Abit BH6, 96MB 100Mhz, G400 Vanilla, SBlife, Aopen 6XDVD

18th October 1999, 15:55
Squink: which version DirectX drivers do you use?

18th October 1999, 16:10
I use DirectX 7.0 . BTW a friend of mine, which also has a g400, ran the game (european release) with the new patch just fine.

18th October 1999, 16:26
Maybe you want to try running it with DX6.1 (it needs a re-install of Windows to do so, but you never know)