View Full Version : Majoring Flickering with TVOUT

17th October 1999, 17:41
Hi, i have the matrox g400 max dh and when i use the tvout it sometimes is very very nice, but then out of nowhere the flicker will get to be noticeable and very annoying, you can see scan lines going up.. is this normal? or am i doing something wrong?

i am currently using the Clone mode.

also, when i try to set my secondary display as like 640x480 it wont let me and forces me to switch desktop to 640x480 as well?

Thanks for any suggestions.

btw. heres my system specs
128megs pc100
sb live with liveware v2.1
matrox g400 max with the new 5.3 drivers

17th October 1999, 17:43
oh ya, one more thing about the tvout flickering.

the worst i've seen it get is when i have nhl 2k outputtted to the tv, fine on the monitor, but on the tv the ENTIRE screen flickers, its not just like the post above where i can see the scan lines scrolling down the screen, the entire screen just flickers and blinks! no other game has this problem .. :/

17th October 1999, 18:30
Be sure that you have VSYNC set to ON in the games where you get flicker. At worst go in teh TV out properties and disable the Use Maximal refresh rate when possible... this will stop the flickering.