View Full Version : Roller Coaster Tycoon Save Game Problem

17th October 1999, 03:34
Greetings... Anyone Experienced Problems with
being unable to save games in Roller Coaster
Tycoon. Systems locks up then unable to retrieve. I have a G400 32Meg. System includes 450 MHZ Pentium III. Not sure if it's a video card problem.

17th October 1999, 09:41
Yeah similar problem, at least when trying to 'load' a game. Also graphic problems, horible flickering lines all over the screen, won't go into 1024 x 768 (all other games work at this res.)

Does anyone else have similar problems?

Celeron @ 550
G400 16Mb, OEM NO D/H @ 140/186 PD 5.30 Dx 7
SBLive Value
etc, etc

Chris Thompson

17th October 1999, 13:22
Well, I just tested loading and saving, no probs there... Just the 1024x768... it was a no go, with a blacked out screen.

Jorden, G400 DH 32Mb, PD5.30, DX7.0

17th October 1999, 16:37
Finally, postings with same problems I have experienced on RCT+G400! I contacted Microprose's tech support and surprise, the response was; "get the latest drivers from Matrox." I waited a week to get that response! Anyway, driver version 5.30 sure didn't solve the RTC issues for me. I too would appreciate anyone who can post a solution to the RTC 1024x768 and save game problem.

Thanks in advance,

PIII 450 OC'd 558, G400 (drv 5.30), 256 MB RAM, ABIT BE-6 MB