View Full Version : 3D Game + G400MAX + DirectX 7.0 = Problem

17th October 1999, 13:16
When playing 3D game like Sega Rally 2 and Re-Volt, my system always hang and I can just move my mouse, hear some sound and reboot.
Oringinally the system hang even when my win98 just started. I thought I may be due to overheat so I open my case and it solve my problme when I start win98 but can't solve my problem in 3D games.
Anyone know what's the problem? DirectX 7.0?

My config is:
Asus P3B-F, PIII-500MHz, 128MB Ram, SBLive Value DE, I-will Ultra DMA/66 IDE controller card, IBM UDMA/66 18GB Harddisk, 3Com 3C905 Network card, Chinese Win98 SE, DirectX 7.0 (Chinese Version), PD5.30