View Full Version : V2 with TurboGL and MAx...fine!!! Use Direct Control!!!

16th October 1999, 16:44
I just down'ed and installed the Diiect Control which lets you choose which device you want to use...so far (Q3, UT)...I have run the Max with no probs...and the V2 has run Tribes(this is the only reason I bought the V2) fine...I don't know if the peops that wrote the posts re: all the probs tried Direct Control or not...but its working ok, so far...I am getting a second V2 this week(hell, they are only $39 with the rebate) and we'll see if any probs creep up running 2 V2s...

Tony Seattle
16th October 1999, 17:10
Where did you get this program? Direct Control....

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16th October 1999, 17:29
go to www.3dfiles.com/bgrsoftware (http://www.3dfiles.com/bgrsoftware) and remember, you have to also download and install the Visual Basic 6 stuff (VB6) and the bottom of the Direct Control Page...
I have tried all the normal games I play the G400Max on, including the ones with the TGL driver, and I have had No PROB!!! Also, tried Tribes, and a couple other Glide type games, after I choose the V2 (you choose "primary display adapter" or "secondary ..." and it will tell you which one is being used!!! So far its been TWO KEWL!!!
And, I have had none of the probs that all the posts I read, after the TurboGl came out, were having...
Good Luck...
ps.post back if it workz for ya....I think I will add a second 39$ V2 in a few days if everything is kosher!!!
Also...in the Device Manger in 98, the V2 dosen't show any IRQ's being used, I was worrying because my Soyo BZ6 +IIImobo, and probably all BX chipset mobos, put the AGP, Slot 1, and 5 at the same IRQ, and I had to put the V2 in PCi Slot 5 for the time being...wierd

16th October 1999, 19:12
V2's have never used IRQs, for what it's worth.

17th October 1999, 08:55
In the works of Johnny Carson ..."I didn't know that"...never used V2's and before I got my V3 3000 (which my Max replaced) I was a TNT type....Oh well, sorry for the error...
Some things I have found while using the V2 and Direct Control...if I run the Matrox Tweak or anything else that changes the speeds, the V2 will not be listed on the Direct Control Devices...but all I have had to do was just go to my comp, then properties, then devices, and go down to game,sound, and multimedia, go to the V2 and just reinstall the drivers using the "update driver"...also, I have noticed (and I don't know if this has anything to do with the V2 or not) that sometimes if I run PCIList or CPUID, my AGP will only show as 1X...it dosen't seem to be that big of a deal, but I have noticed some speed loss...anyway, if this happens, I just exit out of Direct Control, click on the "force AGP 2X" on the MGA Tweak, and reboot...so far this has brought it back to AGP 2X...I just trying to give out some of the wierdness I have noticed while using the V2 with the TurboGL and 5.30 drivers....It might not be perfect, but I am able to run the TurboGL for Q3, HL, Unreal, and Q2...and still use the V2 for tribes and a couple other Glide only type games...
Hope this helps...