View Full Version : What do I have to do to play Quake2?

13th October 1999, 12:18
I know this sounds silly, but I cannot get Quake2 to run with the G400. I recently installed it, and cannot make use of it for Quake2. What are the steps that I should follow to make it work?
Thanks for your help!

13th October 1999, 12:25
You're going to need to give more info than that.

What is not working? Does the game start at all? Does it give an error? What is you system config? Anything.....

13th October 1999, 14:14
I apologize for being so vague!

Well, I first had trouble using openGL for Q2. But then I managed to start the game!
Now I am facing another problem!
If i play for a longer while the game locks up, and I have to reset the computer. It also happened while I running the crusher demo. I first thought it was my Celeron300a @ 450 Mhz. I decided then to run the it again at default speed, but even that made it crash, so! what is it?

Also, I very often get protection fault error messages!

the system is built as follows:

CELERON 300A o/clocked to 450 MHz
G400 Powerdesk 5.2

13th October 1999, 18:17
If this only occurs after some time... check out of heat... try running it without the casing on the computer... is you case properly ventilated? Try reseating the card in the AGP slot.

13th October 1999, 18:24
Does this happen in other 3D games too? Maybe try another stick(s) of ram, or another processor. I know that this is hard to do, but if you can borrow the items from someone else, it can make the troubleshooting easier.

AssuP2B ,iCeleron337, 128megs PC100, G40032megSH, Yamaha PCI sound, 2 small HD's, 42X Sony CDrom and 98SE w/shutdown patch, PD 5.30 w/beta ICD

14th October 1999, 15:18
So! I followed your advice, and tried a new CPU. This one was also a CELERON 300A PPGA @ 450. I ran the crusher demo a 4 or five times and i played afterwards, without any probs, whatsoever. So the RAM modules, seem to have nothing to do with it!
The only thing is that I sometimes get protection fault error message when I start the computer. I suppose it could be the old WIN 95 B version, I am using. What do you think? I noticed there was a strange remedy to this prob. After a protection fault occurs, I restart the computer. It starts at a res. of 640X480/8 (yuck!). What I do next is to change the display settings to 1024X768 and 16 colors. WIN 95 prompts me to restart the computer, and behold, the resolution changes and I can change the color depth too. Why this works, I couldn't possibly say! But it does! Not always however, since I have to retry a few times, on the odd occasion.
I'll try WIN 98 and run other games to see if any probs occur and I'll keep you informed.

16th October 1999, 10:45
So we have one part of this narrowed down then.. did you take the casing off when you ran your box with the borrowed CPU? Anyway at least that seems to indicate a combination of either heat or a CPU not stable for O/C.. fair enough..

The GPFs sound to me like you might be overdue for a reinstall of Windows... maybe even a "clean" install, but try reinstalling over the current version 1st...

also... possibly the .vxd problem, look here (http://www.mcs.net/~revolutn/win98_vxd_fix.htm) for more info and a fix for Win98. There's also a batch file to fix this problem in Win95 (if you decide to go back to/stick with Win95), but it doesn't always work, depending on which version you have; they moved the files around since s/he wrote the batch file. If you need the new locations, email me (wrote them down for a friend and kept the list). It's definitely worth it to fix, even if you have to do it the annoying Win95 way...


17th October 1999, 06:05
I haven't closed the case since I added the new components. I couldn't be bothered to open and close the case everytime I had to change something.
The CPU seems not to be the faulty component, cuz I have been running it at default speed (300MHz) and the GPF still persists. Also, the crusher demo locks up at that speed. I guess that rules out the CPU.
What about the G400 BIOS? Should I get the latest update and flash its BIOS?